Pete Riegel Archive

Below is a collection of historical documents created and/or collected by Pete Riegel, long-time USATF measurer, certifier, registrar, and pretty much everything else course measurement related.
This collection has been hosted on Alan Jones' runscore website, but in the interest of preserving it, it has been copied to the website.

Measurement Technical Articles

This archive is composed of a collection of documents which I acquired over 20 years of involvement in road race course measurement. As I have recently been withdrawing myself from strong involvement in administration, it seemed to me that it would be a pity if those succeeding me did not have access to some of this material. Therefore I scanned the documents and converted them to pdf format. Some course lists are also shown as Excel files.

Not all of the material is important, but the importance of each must be judged by the reader. I have made no effort to editorialize anything. The documents are all as they came to me or as I created them. Special thanks to those who sent material I did not have, especially Bernie Conway who scanned and sent to me all the NRDC News issues from #42 to #72.

Year Category TitleFile Size Source
1961 Historical Notes on the Measurement of Roads for Athletic Events Jewell.pdf 83 KB Jewell, John
1962 Historical How to Measure Road Race Courses Corbitt 1962.pdf 238 KB Corbitt, Ted
1964 Historical Measuring Road Running Courses Corbitt.pdf 110 KB Corbitt, Ted
1974 Historical Report - Sub-Committee on Standards StanComm.pdf 1 MB Corbitt, Ted
1975 Historical The Calibrated Bicycle Method of Road Race Course Measuring CalBike.pdf 4 MB Corbitt, Ted
197? Historical Application for Road Race Certification Using the Calibrated Bicycle Method Application.pdf 5 MB Corbitt, Ted
197? Historical Calibrated Bicycle Method -The Senechalle Assembly CalBikeSenechalle.pdf 1 MB Corbitt, Ted
1976 Historical Measurement of the Olympic Marathon Course, Montreal OlyMar76.pdf 51 KB Wallingford, Ron
1977 Historical Jones Calibrated Bicycle Wheel Counter Assembly Instructions JonesCal.pdf 282 KB Corbitt, Ted
1977 Historical Measure your cross-country course with a good steel tape MeasureXC.pdf 283 KB Corbitt, Ted
1981 Historical Back Issues of NRDC News (Sep 81 to Dec 86) NRDCNews   Young, Ken
1981 Historical Early Beginnings of USATF Road Running Tech Coun Decentral.pdf 75 KB TAC
1982 Historical Certified Road Running Courses (intro only)(by NRDC, contains great material including measurement instructiions by David Katz) CRRC82.pdf 936 KB NRDC
1983 Historical TAC Standards Committee Memo TedCorbittInstructions1983.pdf 522 KB Corbitt, Ted
1983 Historical West Coast Measurement Activity circa 1980 Benjamin.pdf 15 MB Benjamin, Tom
1983 Historical US Course list circa 1983 Earliest.pdf
224 KB
504 KB
NRDC & Heyworth, Malcolm
1984 Historical Calibration Course Measuring Report ccmr84.pdf 180 KB Duguay, Gabriel & Patenaude, Norm
1984 Historical History of the Jones Counter Counter.pdf
Jones Counter Installation Instructions
Jones Counter Use Instructions
62 KB
278 KB
323 KB
Jones, Alan
1984 Historical Latest Canadian Road Course Measurement and Certification procedures (and more) crcmc84.pdf 686 KB Duguay, Gabriel & Patenaude, Norm
1984 Historical Measurement Procedure for a Calibration Course mpcc84.pdf 440 KB Duguay, Gabriel & Patenaude, Norm
1984 Historical Measurement Procedure for a Road Race Course mprrc84.pdf 595 KB Duguay, Gabriel & Patenaude, Norm
1984 Historical Road Race Course Measuring Report rrcmp84.pdf 726 KB Duguay, Gabriel & Patenaude, Norm
1991 Historical Boston Marathon downhill controversy
1991 Historical Boston: Baumel article Baumel.pdf 349 KB Baumel, Bob
1991 Historical Boston: Jones article Jones.pdf 1.4 MB Jones, Alan
1991 Historical Boston: Luchner article Luchner_BAA.pdf 2.3 MB Luchner, Leonard
1991 Historical Boston: Morse letter Morse_BAA.pdf 1.5 MB Morse, Guy
1991 Historical Boston: Riegel article Riegel.pdf 2.3 MB Riegel, Pete
1991 Historical Boston: Certificate MA00002RN_certificate.pdf 942 KB Nelson, Ray
1991 Historical Boston: other documents other_docs.pdf 171 KB various
2000 Historical History of Measuring and Certification in Canada CanHist.pdf 15 KB Patenaude, Norm & Duguay, Gabriel & Craig, John & Lacroix, Laurent
2002 Historical Adventures on the Washington, DC Marathon Course DC02.pdf 50 KB Thurston, Robert
2002 Historical US Validation Measurements to December 2002 Val.pdf
67 KB
96 KB
2003 Historical US Certifier Abbreviations - January 2003 CertAbb.pdf 25 KB RRTC
2003 Historical US Course list circa January 2003 CorsList.pdf
2 MB
5 MB
2004 Historical Women's Measurement of US Women's 42.2 km Trial WomenVal.pdf 12 KB Sally Nicoll, Carol McLatchie
1980 Manual Planning Road Races for the Competitive Runner PRRCR.pdf 2 MB Buckner, Ben
1983 Manual Ohio Measurement Manual PeteMan.pdf 590 KB Riegel, Pete
1985 Manual Road Race and Finish Line Management (TAC) FnshLine.pdf 9 MB Young, Ken & Christensen, Paul & Katz, David & Stolpe, Judy
1985 Manual Course Measurement Procedures (TAC, USA) TAC85.pdf 3 MB RRTC
1987 Manual Course Measurement Procedures (CTFA, Canada) CanMan87.pdf 730 KB CTFA
1990 Manual AIMS Course Measurement Procedures Aimsman.pdf 1 MB Paulin, Ted
1990 Manual The Measurement of Road Race Courses (IAAF) IAAF90.pdf 3 MB Disley, John & Riegel, Pete
1990 Manual Course Measurement Procedures (PASI, Indonesia) IND90.pdf 5 MB Danusayogo, Suyono
1990 Manual Metodos de Medicion AIMS y IAAF Spanish.pdf 34 KB Loeffler, Doug & Mateos, Luis
2001 Manual USATF Course Measurement Procedures Manual.pdf 917 KB RRTC
2004 Manual The Measurement of Road Race Courses (IAAF) IAAF MB 04.pdf 1 MB Jones, Hugh & Cundy, Dave
1976 Measurement Measurement of 1976 Olympic Marathon Montreal Montreal_1976.htm NA Wallingford, R.R.
1984 Measurement Measurement of 1984 Olympic Marathon LA84.pdf 10 MB Letson, Robert & Baumel, Bob
1985 Measurement Validation of 1981 New York City Marathon NYC81.pdf 1 MB Knight, Tom
1985 Measurement Measurement of Rotterdam Marathon Rotter85.pdf 2 MB Riegel, Pete
1987 Measurement Measurement of 1987 London Marathon London87.pdf 851 KB Riegel, Pete
1988 Measurement Measurement of 1988 Olympic Marathon Seoul88.pdf 7 MB Letson, Robert
1991 Measurement XXIV Semana Internacional de Marcha Mexico01.pdf 2 MB Martinez, Rodolfo
1991 Measurement Validation of US Men's Olympic Trials Marathon MensTrials91.pdf 2 MB Nicoll, Wayne
1991 Measurement Validation of US Women's Olympic Trials Marathon WomensTrials91.pdf 2 MB Nicoll, Sally
1995 Measurement Championnats de France des 100 km FFA95.pdf 17 MB Grall, Jean-Marie & Delerue, Christian
1996 Measurement Measurement of 1996 Olympic Marathon Atlanta96.pdf 22 MB Riegel, Pete
1997 Measurement Rio de Janeiro Half Marathon Rio97.pdf 3 MB Riegel, Pete
1997 Measurement World Marathon Road Relay Championships, Brazil, 1997 World_Road_Relay_Championships_Brazil_1997.pdf 3 MB Riegel, Pete
1998 Measurement XVIII Juegos Deportivos Centroamericanos y del Caribe Maracaib.pdf 4 MB Riegel, Pete
1999 Measurement Indy 500 Festival Mini Marathon 1999 - Validation Indy500.pdf 22 KB Wight, Jay
1999 Measurement Measurement of 2000 US Men's Olympic Trials Pitts99.pdf 875 KB Wickiser, Mike
2000 Measurement Measurement of City of Bristol Half Marathon BristHM.pdf 2 MB Jones, Hugh
2000 Measurement 7th European Veterans Athletic non-Stadia Championships - 2500 metre Racewalk Loop - Valletta, Malta Malta.pdf 1 MB Sandford, M. C. W.
2000 Measurement Measurement of 2000 Olympic Marathon Sydney00.pdf 1 MB Jones, Hugh & Williamson, Norrie & Cundy, Dave & Wickiser, Mike
2000 Measurement Measurement of 2000 World Championships WC2000.pdf 2 MB Riegel, Pete
2001 Measurement Flossmoor Fest 5k - Validation FlosFest.pdf 17 KB Wight, Jay
2001 Measurement Measurement of IAAF World Half Marathon Championships, Bristol IAAFHmar.pdf 457 KB Jones, Hugh
2002 Measurement Chicago Marathon 2002 - Validation Chicago.pdf 26 KB Wight, Jay
2002 Measurement Measurement of Sao Paulo Classic 10k, 2002 SaoPaulo.pdf 391 KB Eichler, Rodolfo
2002 Measurement Measurement of Tiberias Marathon, Israel 2002 Tiberias.pdf 645 KB Jackson, Stephen
2003 Measurement Measurement of IAAF 2003 World Championships Racewalk marche definitif paris 2003.pdf 19 MB Grall, Jean-Marie & Delasalle, Jean
2003 Measurement Measurement of US Men's Olympic Trials Marathon MenTrials03.pdf 2 MB Riegel, Pete
2003 Measurement Measurement of IAAF 2003 World Championships Marathon marathon_paris_2003_lowres.pdf 94 MB Grall, Jean-Marie & Delasalle, Jean-Francois
2004 Measurement Gran Prix Internacional de Marcha 2004 Marcha 2004.pdf 927 KB Riegel, Pete
2004 Measurement London Marathon 2004 London04.pdf 3 MB Jones, Hugh
2004 Measurement Olympic Marathon Athens 2004 OlympicMarathon2004.pdf 19 MB Grall, Jean-Marie
2004 Measurement Olympic Racewalks Athens 2004 OlympicRaceWalk2004.pdf 6 MB Grall, Jean-Marie
2008 Measurements Olympic Marathon & Walks - Beijing, 2008 Beijing 2008.pdf 1 MB Cundy, Dave
2012 Measurement Olympic Marathon London 2012 OlympicMarathon2012.pdf 7 MB Sandford, M. C. W.
1986 Seminar Seminar - Seoul, Korea Seoul86.pdf 2 MB IAAF
1989 Seminar Seminar - Crystal Palace, Great Britain CrysPal.pdf 382 KB Riegel, Pete
1989 Seminar Seminar - Warsaw, Poland Warsaw89.pdf 206 KB Disley, John
1990 Seminar Seminar - Columbus, OH, USA Columbus.pdf 6 MB Riegel, Pete
1990 Seminar Seminar - Jakarta, Indonesia Jakarta.pdf 1 MB Riegel, Pete
1991 Seminar Seminar - Penang, Malaysia Penang.pdf 520 KB Riegel, Pete
1992 Seminar Seminar - West Jefferson, OH, USA WestJeff.pdf 450 KB Riegel, Pete
1993 Seminar Seminar - Nice, France Nice93.pdf 701 KB IAAF
1994 Seminar Seminar - Phoenix, AZ, USA Phx94.pdf 6 MB Riegel, Pete
1995 Seminar Seminar - Allentown, PA, USA Alentown.pdf 331 KB Riegel, Pete
1995 Seminar Seminar - Corbie, France Corbie95.pdf 1 MB Delasalle, Jean-Francois
1995 Seminar Seminar - Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil Manaus95.pdf 1 MB Riegel, Pete
1995 Seminar Seminar - Mexico City, Mexico Mexico95.pdf 2 MB Riegel, Pete
1995 Seminar Seminar - Santa Barbara, CA, USA SantaBar.pdf 450 KB Riegel, Pete
1995 Seminar Proposed Seminar Organization semorg.pdf 80 KB Riegel, Pete
1996 Seminar Seminar - Bogota, Colombia Bogota96.pdf 2 MB Riegel, Pete
1999 Seminar SEAA Seminar for New Course Measurers Abingdon.pdf 882 KB Sandford, M. C. W.
1999 Seminar Seminar - Vancouver, BC, Canada Vancou99.pdf 1 MB Riegel, Pete
2001 Seminar Seminar - Albuquerque, NM, USA ABQ01.pdf 1 MB Riegel, Pete
2001 Seminar Seminar - Pampulha Lake, Belo Horizonte, MG Pampul.pdf 2 MB Riegel, Pete
2002 Seminar Seminar - Monterrey, Mexico Monterr.pdf 1 MB Zapata, Pedro
2002 Seminar Seminar - Phoenix, AZ, USA Phx02.pdf 360 KB Riegel, Pete
2003 Seminar Seminar - Dakar, Senegal Dakar03.pdf 15 MB Grall, Jean-Marie
2003 Seminar Seminar - Grenada Grenada.pdf 897 KB Riegel, Pete
2004 Seminar Athletics Canada Seminar - Victoria, BC Victoria.pdf 348 KB Adams, Paul
2004 Seminar Victoria Seminar (PowerPoint presentation) Victoria.ppt 288 KB Adams, Paul
2006 Seminar Seminar - San Juan, Puerto Rico PR06.pdf 729 KB Riegel, Pete
2006 Seminar Seminar - Albany, NY Albany.pdf 322 KB Wickiser
2006 Seminar Seminar - Abingdon, Great Britain Upgraderep.pdf 853 KB Sandford, M. C. W.
2016 Seminar Seminar - Cuyahoga Falls, OH Measurement_seminar_Cuyahoga_Falls_2016.pdf 3.5 MB Riegel, Pete
2003 Software US Calibration & Measurement Calculations CertificationRevB.xls 90 KB Moore, Mike
2007 Software Measurement calculation program (Excel format) BlankMeasurementSheet
Fort Langley HM Data
180 KB
202 KB
Adams, Paul
1977 Technical Technical Tips - Time Predicting TechTips.pdf 102 KB Riegel, Pete
1981 Technical Athletics Records and Human Endurance ARHE.pdf 628 KB Riegel, Pete
1981 Technical A Statistical Analysis of Ultrarunning Records URStats.pdf 204 KB Riegel, Pete
1982 Technical Racing and Facing Your Last PR LastPR.pdf 2 MB Riegel, Pete
1984 Technical Walking and Running WalkRun.pdf 797 KB Riegel, Pete
1987 Technical Measuring Marathon Courses: An Application of Statistical Calibration Theory MeasStat.pdf 671 KB Smith, Richard & Corbett, Mark
1994 Technical Wind Measurement at 1994 Crescent City Classic CCC94.pdf 2 MB Nicoll, Wayne
1996 Technical Wind Measurement at 1996 Crescent City Classic CCC96.pdf 940 KB Nicoll, Wayne
1998 Technical Variation of Calibration Constant with Surface Texture, Part 1: Literature Survey SurfPt1.pdf 386 KB Sandford, M. C. W.
1998 Technical Variation of Calibration Constant with Surface Texture, Part 2: Effects on Course Measurements by Seven Riders Using Twelve Tyres SurfPt2.pdf 1 MB Sandford, M. C. W.
1998 Technical Variation of Calibration Constant with Surface Texture, Part 3: Modelling of the Deformation Pneumatic Tyres on Different Surfaces SurfPt3.pdf 40 KB Sandford, M. C. W.
1999 Technical Variation of Calibration Constant with Surface Texture, Part 4: A Simple Experiment to Compare Various Tyres SurfPt4.pdf 598 KB Sandford, M. C. W.
1999 Technical The Temperature Sensitivity of Pneumatic Tires TempSens.pdf 144 KB Sandford, M. C. W.
2001 Technical Comparison of 33 Steel Tapes TapeComp.pdf 2 MB Wickiser, Mike & Riegel, Pete
2002 Technical Errors in GPS when Satellite Signals are Obscured GPSError.pdf 97 KB Lacroix
2004 Technical Electronic Cyclocomputers for Measuring ElecComp.pdf 295 KB Wood, Neville
2005 Technical Gauge for the Continuous Monitoring of Tire Pressure Gauge.pdf 135 KB Wood, Neville
2005 Technical Proposed Use of Tire Pressure to Improve the Calibration of the Bicycle Wheel in the Measurement of Road-Racing Courses pressandcalib.pdf 293 KB Wood, Neville
2006 Technical Tire Pressure as a Means of Continuously Monitoring Wheel Calibration Factor in the RRTC Bicycle Method for Course Measurement Tire Press.pdf 284 KB Wood, Neville
2006 Technical Spatial Methods for Road Course Measurements Spac Meas.pdf 394 KB Gordon, Stuart