Measurement News Index - Issues #1 to #133

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Year Issue Title Author
1982 1 Improving the measurement Procedure Riegel
1982 2 Short Baselines - Calibration variation on various courses Letson
    Early data sheets Riegel
    Measurement of 1976 Olympic Marathon course Wallingford
1983 3 Dishonest measurement data Riegel
    Short Baselines Riegel
    Temperature and Measurement Riegel
1983 4 Short Baselines Baumel
    1984 Olympic Marathon measurement Riegel
1983 5 One Set of Marks Baumel
    Calibration Variation Riegel
    Eliminator Tubes Riegel
1983 6 History of Clain Jones Counter Jones Alan
    Course Maps Riegel
    Measurement and Certification Fees Riegel
    When to Steel Tape Riegel
1983 7 Course Identification Numbers Riegel
    Decentralization of Certification Riegel
    Proposed Certification Process Riegel
    Short Baselines Riegel
    Short Course Prevention Riegel
1984 8 Larger Constant Baumel
    Measuring on Dirt and Sand Letson
    Calibration Change with Temperature Riegel
    Failure to Ride the SPR Riegel
    Short Baselines Riegel
    Validations Riegel
1985 9 Proposed Video Cassette Benjamin
    Checklist for Maps Riegel
    Measuring with a Cateye Riegel
1985 10 Proposed Standard for Track Certification Baumel
    Short Course Prevention Baumel
    Validity Standards for Running Courses Baumel
    Effect of Rear Tire Pressure on Calibration Knight
    Short/Accurate/Long Letson
    Significance Letson
    False Claims of Certification Nicoll
    Track Measurements Nicoll
    Paperwork Delays Phillips
    Coning at Corners Riegel
    Effect of Errors on Validation Measurements Riegel
    Parallel Calibration Courses Riegel
    New Certificate Form S Nicoll
    Track Certification Young
1985 11 Parallel Calibration Courses Baumel
    Swing Offsets for Laying out Parallel Calibration Courses Baumel
    Measuring Wheels Phillips
    Accuracy of Bicycle Measurements Riegel
    Agreement of Intermediate Points Riegel
    Dangerous Measurements Riegel
    Eliminator Tube Update Riegel
    Nylon Coated Japanese Steel Tapes Riegel
    Proper Use of Validation Measurements Riegel
    The Measurement Book Riegel
    Validation of London and Rotterdam Riegel
    Validation Injustice Riegel
    Concrete vs Asphalt Thurston Bob
1985 12 Offset Methods in Parallel Calibration Courses Buckner
    Bicycle Check for finding Calibration Course Layout Errors Riegel
    Measurement of 1985 NYC Marathon CourseRiegel
    Measurement using a Calibrated Truck (Nanisivik) Riegel
    Temperature Correction Confusion Riegel
    Gravel vs Pavement Thurston Bob
    Offset Methods in Parallel Calibration Courses Thurston Bob
1985 13 Gravel vs Pavement Duguay
    Repeatability of Measurements and True Value Duguay
    Adjustments After Validation Hubbard
    Uphill & Downhill Calibrations Nicoll
    Accurate vs Long Enough Phillips
    Random Course Checks Riegel
    Test to Detremine Value of Startup Wobble Riegel
    Track vs Road Philosophy Riegel
    Wheel Rolling on Corrugated Surface Riegel
1985 14 Gravel vs Pavement Baumel
    Some Issues in Road/Track Certification/Validation Baumel
    International Validations Suggestions Disley
    Multiple Sets of Marks Duguay
    Rotterdam/London Julin
    Marking the Masking Tape during Cal Course Layouts Letson
    Opinion Poll Letson
    Digital Clock delays in Photographs Nicoll
    Use of Two-way Radios during Measurement Teschek
1986 15 Effect of Surface Roughness on the Accuracy of Bicycle Baumel
    Orbit of Comet Halley Baumel
    Startup Wobble DataBaumel
    Do We Measure as We Calibrate? Riegel
    Measuring a TrackRiegel
    Shortest Possible Route vs Ideal Line of Running Riegel
1986 16 Judging Validation Measurements Baumel
    Measurement Disagreement - Eliminators at Fault? Katz
    Common Mistakes in Measuring Riegel
1986 17 Measurement of Memorial High School Track, Tulsa, OK Baumel
    Use Rally Odometer for Long Measurements (proposal) Brannen
    Canadian vs US Methods of Measuring Craig
    Certification Fraud Riegel
    Hiring Measurers and Finish Line People Riegel
    Twist Your Counter Mister? Riegel
1986 18 Nature of Measurement Buckner
    Ownership of Courses Ferguson
    How About Friction? Letson
    How Much Further Letson
    What is the Radius Actually Run? Letson
    Cover - Bayou City 10 km Lucas
    Hiring Measurers and Finish Line People Nicoll
    Hot and Cold Tapes Riegel
1986 19 How to Direct a Successful Distance Race Buckner
    Some International Measurement Concerns Disley
    Cover - Houston Chronicle Dome Run 10 km Lucas
    The Folding Bicycle - Is It Suitable for measuring ? Nicoll
    Delayed Measurement of the Calibration Course Riegel
    How Can Runner Tell if a Course is Really Certified? Riegel
    Transition from NRDC Riegel
1986 20 Metric Conversions Baumel
    Safety Considerations in Certifying Ferguson
    Computer Timing Jones Alan
    Measuring Courses with Restrictions Reik
    Cover - A. C. Linnerud  
1987 21 A Short Track - Discussion Baumel
    Course Safety and Restricted Courses Brannen
    How to Use Running Score for Records Jones Alan
    Age Standard Time Equation Riegel
    Cover - Pete Riegel Riegel
    Folding Bike - Recent Disappointing Experiences Riegel
    Running Pefformance Rating Guide Riegel
    Short Baselines Approved Riegel
    TAC and AIMS Riegel
1987 22 AIMS-TAC Conflicts Galloway
    Adjusted Times for Records? Letson
    Cover - Kevin Lucas Lucas
    AIMS-TAC Conflicts Nicoll
    Drop and Separation Riegel
    Identifying Types of Courses Riegel
    Pre-Validation a Possibility? Riegel
    Pre-Validation - Discussion S Nicoll
    IAAF Measurement Seminar - Seoul Thurston Bob
1987 23 How Long is a Foot? Baumel
    Metric Splits Baumel
    Salazar's Short Course Brannen
    AIMS Procedures Galloway
    IAAF and Road Records Hersh
    Race Director Guidelines Series - Bar Code Reading Jones Alan
    Errors in Various Measurement Methods Letson
    Ease of Certification Lucas
    Running Performance Rating Guide - Questions McGlynn
    Cover - Sally & Wayne Nicoll Nicoll
    Cheaters Run Off With $$$Thousands$$$ Riegel
    Offsets from Curbs and Edges Riegel
    Partial Remeasurements and Certification Riegel
1987 24 Computer Program to do Course Measurement Calculation Baumel
    Honolulu Marathon Measurement - Discussion Dugan
    Cover - Gaby Duguay Duguay
    1974 Commonwealth Games Marathon Course is OK Galloway
    Length of the Meter Hill
    Short Baselines Hubbard
    Editorial Policies Riegel
    International Validation Considerations Riegel
    London Marathon Measurement Riegel
    Calibration Course Layouts Thurston Bob
1987 25 Accuracy of Steel Tapes Dugan
    PNAC Racewalk Measurement Knight
    Locating a Calibration Course - Tape tension Morss
    Certified Splits Nicoll
    Certifier Territories Riegel
    Cover - 1984 Olympic Marathon Measuring Team Riegel
    Modified SPR on Right-Side-Only Left Turns Riegel
    Phoenix City Marathon Validation and New Course Riegel
    Post-Race Certification Riegel
    Sum of Shorter Splits Riegel
    Temperature and Calibration Riegel
    Windward Half Marathon Discussion Riegel
1987 26 Cover - Bob Baumel Baumel
    Heartland Hustle - Pre-Validation Inquiry Lewis
    Map of the Month - 5k Police Course MacPhee
    Short Calibration Courses - Guidelines Nicoll
    Calibrated Automobile Inquiry Riegel
    Downhill Plunge WR? Riegel
    Honolulu Marathon - How It Came Out Riegel
    Sum of Shorter Splits - Information Riegel
1988 27 Bloomsday Validation Baumel
    Short Calibration Courses - Checks for Accuracy J Young
    Multiples Names for the Same Course Jaggers
    Cover - Alan Jones Jones Alan
    References - Ask for Them when Hiring Technical Help Katz
    Heartland Hustle Lewis
    Certification - Questions on Various Issues Reik
    Comparative Measurements of Kapiolani Park 1 Mile Riegel
    Map of the Month - Footlocker Partners 8 km Thurston Bob
    Negative Allowance on Validations - Comments Various
1988 28 Phoenix City Marathon Course - Revised 1988 Cichocki
    World Championship Marathon Course, Rome 1987 Disley
    Cross-Country Course Measurement Edwards
    Short Calibration Courses - Documentation Edwards
    Pre-Race Validation a Possibility? Honikman
    Validations - Negative Allowance Jones Alan
    Stormy Weather Lafarlette
    The Acid Test - for Finding Out How accurate You Are Letson
    Map of the Month - Orange Bowl Marathon Loeffler
    Ownership of Courses Lucas
    AIMS Validation of Orange Bowl Marathon Riegel
    International Measurement Seminar - Miami Riegel
    Measuring a Race Course with a Bicycle Riegel
    Measuring with an Automobile Various
    Validations - Guidelines Young
    Cover - Nicoll, Riegel, Ibert, Disley, Loeffler at Miami Seminar  
1988 29 Calibration Course Certification Baumel
    Map of the Month - Run for Life 8k Belleville
    Road Race Officials - Timing Accuracy Jones Alan
    Validation Considerations Julin
    1984 Olympic Marathon Calibration Variation Riegel
    1988 London Marathon Validation Riegel
    Getting Back on Course - Dealing with Overshoots Riegel
    A Discourse on Course MeasurementToberisky
    Cover - John White White
    Ownership of Race Courses Wilson
1988 30 1988 Men's Olympic Trials Marathon Measurement Brannen
    Maratona de Cidade - Rio de Janeiro Eichler
    Validation of 1988 Rotterdam Marathon Ibert
    Finish Line Book Jones Alan
    Jumping the Gun Jones Alan
    Timing Precision in 5 km Races Jones Alan
    Women Measuring for women Langenbach
    1988 Men's and Women's Olympic Trails Marathon Nicoll
    Layout Measurements vs Validation Measurements Riegel
    Validation of Seoul Olympic Marathon Course Riegel
    Officials in Road Races Robertson
    Eliminator Tube - Early Performance Wickiser
    Using a Barometer to Determine Relative Elevations Young
    Cover - Women's Olympic Trials Measurement team  
1988 31 Race Director's Nightmare Courtney
    Triathlons Jones Alan
    1000 Foot Calibration Courses - Guidance Nicoll
    Use the SPR Everywhere Reik
    Documenting the Race as Run Riegel
    International Measurement Process Riegel
    Measuring Across a Construction Area Riegel
    Training of measurers Riegel
    First Women's Measurement Team Validates Olympic Trials S Nicoll
    International Standing of US Courses Yaeger
    Cover - London Marathon Measurement Team  
1988 32 Canadian and US Certification Conway
    Last-Minute Unsatisfactory Certification Applications Edwards
    Finish Line Helpers - Tick Sheets Jones Alan
    Cover - Bill Noel Noel
    30 cm from Curb at Seoul? Riegel
    Chicago Marathon Riegel
    Course Measurement and Certification Riegel
    General Characteristics of AIMS Maps Received Riegel
    Handicap Racing Riegel
1989 33 Hill Effect to Second Order Baumel
    Different and Unequal Finish Lines Hubbard
    Non-Computer results Jones Alan
    Program for Handling the Course List Jones Alan
    Measuring with a Fiberglass Tape Reik
    Police Escorts and Other Cammentary Reik
    Downhill Courses Riegel
    Variation of Times in the 100 Meter DashRiegel
    Jones Counter RW
    Map of the Month - Jingle Bells 10k Shields
    Foam Filled Tire Wickiser
    Cover - Benjamin, Wisser, Knight, Oerth Wisser
    Greater Bay Area Cewrtification Committee Wisser
1989 34 Downhill Courses Brannen
    Police Escorts Dewey
    Calibrated measuring Wheels Harrison
    Map of the Month - Tortoise and Hare 5 Mile Harrison
    When is Course Certified? Hubbard
    Race Day Registration Jones Alan
    Measurement and Records Philosophy Julin
    Use the True SPR Julin
    Measure Up McBrayer
    Cover - Way Wiser Measuring Wheel Milroy
    The Race to Validate a Record Nicoll
    Larger or Average Constant? Riegel
    England's Certification Process Tomlins
1989 35 Computer Program for Course Measurement Calculations Baumel
    Drop and Separation Baumel
    Cover - John Disley Disley
    Printed Race Results Jones Alan
    Validation of 1988 City of Alhambra Moonlight 8k Run Knight
    Road Race Courses for Competitive Race Walking Nicoll
    Map of the Month - 2nd Chance for Life 5k Potter
    A Basis for Age Group Awards Riegel
    Helge Ibert Injured Riegel
    Measuring with a Calibrated Automobile Riegel
    Types of Records Riegel
1989 36 Drop and Separation Baumel
    Guidance to New RRTC Course Reviewers Baumel
    Cover - Dan Brannen Brannen
    Warsaw, Poland - IAAF Measurement Serminar Disley
    Runners' Motives for Choosing a Race Green
    Central Park Hubbard
    Hill Effect to Second Order Jones Alan
    Uphill vs Downhill Calibration and Rising Riegel
    Weight Transfer on a Pneumatic Wheel Riegel
    Measurement Report - Great Britain Tomlins
    Brannen - Philosopher Takes Race Course Design In Stride Watson
1989 37 Measurement in France Delasalle
    Calibration Variation and Riding Posture Disley
    Map of the Month - Memphis Marathon Horton
    Jones Counter - Price History Jones Alan
    Wind-aided/Slope-aided Jones Alan
    Calibration Variation and Wind Poppers
    Effect of Wind and Slope on Running Speed Riegel
    Table of Equivalent Time Ratios Riegel
    Map of the Month - Old Style Marathon - Chicago Wight
    Course Surface Roughness and Wind Young
    Cover - Mary Anne & Tom McBrayer  
1989 38 Physiological Model of Distance Running Performance Baumel
    Course Measurement in Poland Dziekonski
    Age Group Brackets Jones Alan
    Jones Counter Variations Loeffler
    Comparison of English and American Course Measurement Riegel
    Dollar Value of Certified Courses Riegel
    Measuring Past a Gate or Barrier Riegel
    Validation Measurements - RRTC Guidelines Riegel
    Wind vs Speed in 100 Meters and Long Jump Riegel
    Billy Dixon's Long Shot Thornton
    Cover - Paul Hodgson  
1989 39 Map of the Month - Red Lobster 10k Nicoll
    Pear Blossom Run - Validation Report Barrett
    Springbank Road Races - Measurement Check Baumel
    Alternate Vierws on Age Divisions Buckner
    Jones Counter II - an Experimental Model Jones Alan
    Drop and Separation Proposals Riegel
    Measuring Wind on Point-to-Point Courses Riegel
    Unbiased Age Divisions Riegel
    Cover - Amy Morss (with Hannah)  
1990 40 Derivation of 2nd Order Hill Formula Baumel
    Map of the Month - TAC National 5 km Racewalk Baumel
    Uphills, Downhills and the Boston Marathon Baumel
    Calibration Constant vs Calibration Course Length Delasalle
    Drop and Separation of Various International Courses Dziekonski
    Drop Rule Explained Hansen
    Ten Miles. the Hard Way Hubbard
    Courses without Maps J Riegel
    Uphills, Downhills and the Boston Marathon Jones Alan
    Extremes in the Course List Riegel
    Gauging Wind in Road Races Riegel
    Independent Confirmation of Baumel's Wind/Slope Work Riegel
    Indianapolis 500 Track Riegel
    Pace Chart for Boston Marathon Riegel
    Validation Historical Results Riegel
    Rule 185.5 - Comments Received Various
    Cover - Finn Hansen  
1990 41 Larger vs Average Constant Baumel
    Measuring the 1992 Olympic marathon - a Proposal Baumel
    Validating Courses for World Road records Baumel
    Muscat Marathon Hodgson
    Age/Sex Grading Jones Alan
    Validating a Course and Adjusting it for the Next Riegel
    IAAF Seminar - Jakarta - Report Riegel
    London Marathon - 1990 Riegel
    Map of the Month - Bellevue Cherry Festival 4 Mile Standish
    Cover - Bob Baumel  
1990 42 Reflections on the 1 m/km Drop Standard Baumel
    Belgrade Marathon Course Measurement Bendy
    Map of the Month - Rose Arts Festival 10.4 Mile Guido Bros
    Altimeters - Use in Determining Elevations GuidoBros
    IAAF Seminar - Columbus, Ohio Riegel
    Table of equivalent Time Ratios Riegel
    Weight vs Speed Riegel
    Jones Counter and Jones Counter II - Performance Comparison Wickiser
    Cover - Columbus, OH, Seminar Attendees  
1990 43 Map of the Month - DeKalb Cornfest 10k Antczak
    How to Tape a Track Baumel
    IAAF Seminar - Measuring report Baumel
    Soviet Measuring DeviceDziekonski
    Calibration Variation - 1983 LA, 1979 Crystal Palace Riegel
    Certification for Cycling Courses Riegel
    Gear Drive for new Jones Counter Riegel
    IAAF Approved Measurers Riegel
    IAAF Seminar - Columbus, Ohio - Summary of measurements Riegel
    Pat Petersen's US Marathon Record Set at London Accepted S Nicoll
    Course Maps - Discussion Various
    Cover - John Disley  
1990 44 When Validation is also Certification Baumel
    Support for Rule 185.5 Cantrell
    Computer Timing Cichocki
    France - measurement Seminar Delasalle
    Draft Rules for Road Race World Records Disley
    Steel Cable for Measuring Calibration Courses Hinde
    Berlin Split Documentation Ibert
    Computer Timing Jones Alan
    Metric Splits - Night Tracks Survey Results McDaniel
    Officials for Road Races Nicoll
    Handheld Anemometers Nouse
    Mexico City Marathon Recker
    Map Standards and Validation Procedures Reik
    Berlin Marathon Measurement Riegel
    Marathon Course Profiles and Characteristics Riegel
    Multiple Loop Courses Riegel
    Root Mean Square Slope Riegel
    Wind measurement Using Hanging Ribbons - an Experiment Riegel
    Map of the Month Sorenson
    Construction Avoidance in Measurement Tillson
    Cover - Helge Ibert  
1991 45 Seminar Problems Disley
    The Boston Problem Disley
    Calibration Variation due to Warm Automobile Transport Dziekonski
    Steel Cable for Measuring Calibration Courses Hinde
    Course Corrections Using Chords and Curves Hodgson
    IAAF Measurement Seminar - Santa Fe, Argentina Loeffler
    Map of the Month McBrayer
    Computer Timing Mitchell
    Records Capturing Process Nicoll
    Capair Tire Now Available Riegel
    Validation Policies Riegel
    All-Time US Leading Roar Running Performances and Records Tacstats
    Rogaine 5 km Course - Validation Wight
    Standards for Records - Philosophical Reflections Wilson
    Cover - Doug Loeffler  
1991 46 Understanding Aidedness - The Effect of Drop Baumel
    Ice Rink Measurement Conway
    The MudslingerDerderian
    Styrocop - Article about Lee BarrettDunn
    Course Standards - opinions and Rfelections Dziekonski
    Race Day Registrations Jones Alan
    Havana Marathon - Validation Report Loeffler
    Measure Up - Texas Certification News McBrayer
    Computer Timing McDaniel
    Altimeter Available Melanson
    Map of the Month Melanson
    New York Certification News Morss
    Folding Bicycle Nicoll
    A Rough Experiment in Hill Running Riegel
    Altimeter - Preliminary Experience Riegel
    Certification Progress in Ohio Riegel
    Validation Results Riegel
    Waterproof Notebooks Riegel
    Certification Progress in Illinois Wight
    Cover - Joan Riegel  
1991 47 Certification and Measurement Ethics Ferguson
    A Course is a Course (of Course) Highes
    Walkinstown 5 Mile - Dublin Hodgson
    Non-Unique Certifier Code Jones Alan
    Wind Observations at Crescent City Classic Nicoll
    Sample Measurement Agreement Riegel
    What the SCPF Does and Doesn't Do Smith
    Map of the Month Standish
    Precision Instrument - Measurement in Great Britain Tomlins
    Effect of Downhill Running - Personal Data Young
    Cover - Sally Nicoll  
    Jones Counter Price Increase  
1991 48 Buying a Metric Tape Baumel
    Map of the Month Belleville
    Derivation Alternatives of the Second Order Hill Form Davis
    TAC Rule 185.5 - Recommendations of the Special Committee Kardong
    Effect of Radiant Energy of Steel Tape Okie
    America's Fastest Miles Riegel
    Hill Experiment Update Riegel
    How Long is a 400 Meter Track? Riegel
    Selection of International Measurers Riegel
    Measuring a Ski Slope - Inquiry Tillson
    Curacao International 10k Wickiser
    Cover - Mike Wickiser  
1991 49 Updates to measurement Computer Program Baumel
    Siberian International Marathon Map & Report Dziekonski
    Map of the Month Harrell
    The Rundown - TAC Rule 185.5 Discussion Nicoll
    New Jones-Oerth Counter to be Available Oerth
    Spoke Counting Data Recker
    Course Layout - 5 km Loop - Puzzle Solution Riegel
    TAC Rule 185.5 Modification Riegel
    Performance Data - High Numbers of PR's Set at Boston Stewart
    Minnesota Validations - Twin Cities Marathon & Cit Wickiser
    Cover - Jones-Oerth Counter  
    Mardi Gras Marathon Map  
1991 50 Support the Tampa Compromise! Baumel
    Amiens (France) Measurement Seminar Delasalle
    Cover - Jean-Francois Delasalle Delasalle
    Folding Bike Info Knight
    An Analysis of Runner Performance at Recent Boston Marathon Minow
    Getting Started in Measurement Nicoll
    Team Measurement of 1992 Men's Olympic Trials Marathon Nicoll
    Jones/Oerth Counter Now Available Oerth
    Sighting Rod for Front Wheel Okie
    Bob Baumel's Measurement Calculation Program - User Riegel
    Steel vs Fiberglass Tapes Riegel
    Women's Team Measurement of Women's 1992 Olympic Trials S Nicoll
1992 51 Los Angeles Marathon Validation Cichocki
    Cover - L. Podimhatia Measuring at Jakarta Podimhatia
    A Proposed Scheme for Evaluating and Ranking Measurers Riegel
    Comparisons of Group Measurements Riegel
    Measurement Video Riegel
    New Jones Counter Gear Ratio - 23.636+ Counts per Rev Riegel
    Colorado 500 km Ulrich
    Map of the Month Witkowski
1992 52 Mapping a Complicated Loop Course Brannen
    Course Measurement Workshop Daly
    Map Measurer Harrison
    Weather Conditions for 1992 Barcelona Olympic Marathon IMMDA
    Cheated at the Races - Be Sure You Ran the Advertised Dist. Jaggers
    Using a Heart Rate Monitor in Ultra Training and Racing Jones Alan
    Cutting Corners MacIntosh
    Ultramarathon Race Handbook Milroy
    The Rundown - When Helping Can Hurt - Illegal Aid to runners Nicoll
    Map of the Month Okie
    Airless Tires Riegel
    What to Expect from an Airless TireRiegel
    Map of the Month Shields
    Cover - A British Course Measurer - John Walker Walker
    Jones Counter Availability  
1992 53 London Marathon Split Documentation Disley
    Adjustment of Constant for Unusual Conditions Dziekonski
    Heart Rate Monitors Hersh +
    Evaluating Measurers - Discussion Loeffler
    Cover - Paul Oerth & Sons Oerth
    Measuring Shortcuts & Techniques Poppers
    Map of the Month Rudman
    Race Official Goes the Distance - Joan Riegel Woodard
1992 54 Fujitsu 8 km Validation - Measurement Data Baumel
    Berliner Halbmarathon Measurement Damm
    Measuring in Poland Dziekonski
    Interpreting TAC Rule 66 Edens
    1961 Report of British Course Measurement Jewell
    Bar Code Readers - Time Tag Identification Jones Alan
    Race Takes Measure of Bernie Conway Kernaghan
    Lies about Certified Courses Kursh
    Course Inspector's Report - 1992 Men's Olympic Trials Nicoll
    Unfair Aid - More Debate Nicoll
    Expansion - Tube Tire vs Airless Okie
    A Bandit Validation Riegel
    Cover - West Jefferson Seminar Riegel
    Limited Life for Courses - a Proposal Riegel
    Ohio Course Measurement Seminar Riegel
    Short Courses - Length vs Shortness Riegel
    Map of the Month Thurston Bob
1992 55 Fujitsu 8 km Classic - Measurement Report Baumel
    New Certificate Forms Baumel
    Skinny Tapes Baumel
    Solid Tire Experience Dziekonski
    Map of the Month Hinde
    Vardinoyannios Marathon - Crete - Report Hodgson
    Concrete vs Asphalt Knight
    Benefits of Officials at Road Races Nicoll
    Carlsbad 5000 Pre-Race Validation Nicoll
    Swimming Course Measurement Post
    Baumel Resigns, McBrayer Appointed VC West Riegel
    Blood Donating - Adverse Effects Riegel
    Cover - Pete Riegel & L. Podimhatia Riegel
    Helmet Effectiveness Riegel
    Late Certification and Payment to Measurer Riegel
    Standardized Track Layout Complications Riegel
    Taping Procedures - Are They Too Complicated - a Sermon Riegel
    Lists of Course Measurers Wight
    Sure You Ran a Certified Course?Young
    Rick Recker - Article About
1992 56 Taping Procedures - Response to Sermon Baumel
    Ron Daws - In Memoriam Corbitt
    Cover - Bill Glauz Glauz
    Prime Health Marathon & 10k Certification Glauz
    Blood Donations Jones Alan
    Finish Line Assignments and End-of-Chute Assignments Jones Alan
    Making a Measuring Wheel from an Old Bike McBrayer
    Jones/Oerth Counter Price Increase Oerth
    Benefits of Certification Okie
    Public Relations and High Standards Okie
    Certified Courses Without Maps and Unused Courses Poppers
    Map of the Month Potter
    Defense of Road Running Records Riegel
    Properties of Certified Courses Drop vs Separation Riegel
    Save Your Life with Angular Offsets Riegel
    Ten Year Limit on Certifications Coming? Riegel
    Anatomy of a Course TAC Certification Shannon
    Sallie May & Reflecting Pool Validations Wickiser
1993 57 An Extended "Experiment" on "Reverse" Blood Doping Baumel
    Changes to Courses Affecting Certification Franke
    Map of the Month Hykes
    Cover - Tom McBrayer McBrayer
    Measurement Video Now Available McBrayer
    Certified Tracks - How the Measurements Came Out Riegel
    Distribution of Active Courses Riegel
    Mexico City Marathon - Measurement and Observation Riegel
    Multiple Listings of the Same Course Riegel
    Number of Courses Certified by RRTC People Riegel
    Ten Year Life for Courses Now in Effect Riegel
    Validators - Good Non-Certifier Measurers Sought Wickiser
1993 58 Canadian Certification Craig
    Measurement by Pacing in France Delasalle
    Nice (France) Seminar Discussion Delasalle
    RRCA Convention Workshops Jones Alan
    Take the Certifier Test Riegel
    Minor Alterations to a Course Standish
    Bob Hasan Jakarta 10k Thurston Bob
    Map of the Month - Bob Hasan 10k Thurston Bob
    Proposed Change to the SCPF Young
    Cover - Mexico City Marathon TV  
1993 59 Keep Courses Accurate - Avoid Unnecessary Oversize Giambalvo
    Overall Winner - About Bob Baumel Hawkins
    Another Certifier Test Hodgson
    Certification - Comments and Reflections Jewell
    Certifier Test - Discussion Knight
    Great North Run - Assignment From Hell Larkins
    Calibration Courses Shorter then 300 Meters? No! McBrayer
    Certifier Test - Alternative View Morss
    Cover - Wayne Nicoll in Mexico Nicoll
    Racewalk Loops - Measuring in Mexico Nicoll
    Wind Measurement at Crescent City Classic Nicoll
    Map of the Month - Flight Line 10kRichardson
    Minutes of Nice (France) Meeting Richardson
    Duplicated Courses Riegel
    The Certifier Test - How it Came Out Riegel
    Good Artwork Sims
    Certification in Alaska Wilson
    IAAF/AIMS Approved Course Measurers  
1993 60 Paul Hodgson - Article About Coleby
    Course Measurement Video from France Delasalle
    Cover - Jean-Francois Delasalle Delasalle
    Calibration Change - Budapest Dziekonski
    Jones/Oerth Counter Repair - Super Glue Dziekonski
    Key to Shining Key 50 and 100 Mile - Call for Help Firth
    Certifier Test - Answers Hodgson
    Lisbon Half Marathon - Measurement Hodgson
    New Solid Tire Available Knight
    Elevation Error at Maggie Valley Nicoll
    Let the Good Times Roll - Finish Line Procedures Nicoll
    Measuring Cross-Country Courses Okie
    Lisbon Half Marathon - Short Paul;in
    Are Certifiers Really Experts? Riegel
    Course Numbering Explanation Riegel
    Measuring a Dog Riegel
    Perspective on the SCPF Riegel
    Validation Procedure Explanation Riegel
    How to Measure a Cat Sims
    Map of the Month - Walsh Trails 5k Cross-Country Standish
1993 61 Governor's Cup 5k Validation Barrett
    Race Across America - Ri\outing and Measurement D'Errico
    Alan Jones Retires as Finish Line Chairman Jones Alan
    Earthquake Program Jones Alan
    Bernie Conway - Article About Maltby
    Guidelines for Measurers Poppers
    Course Alterations Cause Deterioration Reik
    Bad measurement Procedures - letter Riegel
    Cover - Allan Steinfeld Steinfeld
    Map of the Month - Chemical Bank Corporate Challenge Wisser
    Map - Typical Inadequate Map from the early 1980's  
1993 62 Expired Courses - Do We Have Standard Procedure? Baumel
    Computer Scoring System for Ultras Brannen
    Cover - Ted Corbitt Corbitt
    Measurers - Are You OK with Your Bike? Delasalle
    Race Day Mistake - What to Do? Dziekonski
    New Measurer - Review of His work Glauz
    Ted Corbitt Marches On Hanc
    Map of the Month - Starr Commonwealth 10k Higbee
    Conflict between US and AIMS/IAAF Procedures? Paulin
    Beijing 10k WR lap sheets Post
    Explanation of US Measurement Procedures Riegel
    Foreign Language Fluency Sought Riegel
    Measuring Wheel - Suggested Procedure Riegel
    Phoenix Measurement Seminar - Dates Riegel
    Olander Park 24 Hour Timing Procedures  
1994 63 Expired Course Renewal Form Baumel
    Meters vs Yards in Fixed-Time Races Baumel
    Precision in Measurement Brand  
    SCPF - Disagreement as to Application Coleby
    Autocad - Useful for Making Course Maps Higbee
    Finish Line Chairman Found Lamppa
    Map of the Month - Vacation Isle 5000m Letson
    Courses Certified by US Certifiers Riegel
    Expired Courses Riegel
    Phoenix Seminar - Invitation to Participate Riegel
    US Team Selection - Course Criteria Riegel
    Write for a Course List Riegel
    Alaska Update Wilson
    Records and Race Directing Young
    Cover - Phoenix Seminar Test Course  
1994 64 Australia - AA Measurement Newsletter Cundy
    Cover - Measurement Seminar - Nairobi Disley
    Course Cutting at Corners - Measurement Procedure Dziekonski
    Units of measurement in Ultra Records Gagarin
    Use of Negative Drop Hubbard
    Tulsa Run Split Analysis McDaniel
    Expired Courses Nelson
    Certifier Performance Riegel
    Evolution of Short Course Prevention Factor Riegel
    Phoenix Seminar Attendees Riegel
    Course Measurement in Great Britain Tomlins
    Map of the Month - B-rrry Scurry 10k Ungurean
    Thanks to Validators Wickiser
    AIMS Conference - Berlin - September 1993 - Minutes  
    The Metric System - Letters  
1994 65 Ownership of Race courses Newman
    AC Linnerud Resigns Riegel
    Certifier Activity by Year Riegel
    Course Maps With Splits Riegel
    Distribution of USATF Certified Courses Riegel
    Downhill Road Miles Riegel
    Logo - Should We Have One? Riegel
    Olympic Marathon - What Will Be the Length? Riegel
    Map of the Month - Redbud Classic Smith
    Thanks to Measurers Walsh
    Cover - Mike Wickiser Wickiser
    Flat Tires - New Sealer Found Wickiser
1994 66 Corrections to Course List Baumel
    Riegel to Direct Columbus Marathon Dispatch
    Measurement Report - Southern Half of England Gibbons
    Olympic Marathon - Measurement Procedures Gibbons
    How Many Clicks Make a Marathon? Hamilton
    Location of Start/Finish when Located in Different States Harrison
    Phoenix Report - From "Measure Up" - TX Newsletter McBrayer
    Why Keep Records? Milroy
    Wind Measurement at Crescent City Classic Nicoll
    Map of the Month - Rock N Roll 10k Run Maui Pate
    Cover - Phoenix Seminar Attendees Riegel
    Phoenix Seminar - Measurement Data Riegel
    Certified Courses per Capita Smith
    Course Layout - The Little Details Count, Too Tinsley
    Length of the Olympic Marathon - Recommended Additions  
    Logo Discussion  
1994 67 Certification Form Available in Mac Format Baumel
    Certification Form Available in WordPerfect DeHaye
    Gap (France) Test Course Results Delasalle
    Up Hill Road Kilometers (France) Delasalle
    Uphill and Downhill Riding Delasalle
    Printing Calculator Used for recording Measurement Notes Hardwick
    Eliminate Time and temperature Data Harrison
    Map of the Month - Police Appreciation 5k Katz
    SCPF Built into Calibration Course - No! Poppers
    Cover - Pete Riegel at Nanisivik - Truck Measurement Riegel
    How Long Are Our Courses? Riegel
    Numbering Courses for the Millennium Riegel
    Temperature Corrections for Calibration Courses Riegel
    Validators vs Those Validated Riegel
    Track Short by 4 cm Stewart
    Alternative Ways to Obtain Distances on Closed-Loop Courses Woods
1994 68 Pacing the Tulsa Run Course Baumel
    Map of the Month - Vitre-Argentre (France) 10km Delerue
    Negative Validation Tolerance Dziekonski
    Time Conversion Jones Alan
    Map of the Month - Downtown Providence 5k Nelson
    Folding Bikes - from Doug Loeffler Reed
    USGS Topo Maps - Determining Elevations Richardson
    Certified Marathon Course Listing Riegel
    Cover - Norrie Williamson Williamson
    South Africa - Measurement Rules Williamson
1995 69 Expired Course Renewal Form Baumel
    Las Vegas Marathon - Correction to Drop Callanan
    Map of the Month - Rocket City Marathon DeHaye
    Cover - Paul Hodgson Hodgson
    Sands of Time Running Out for British Surveyor Hodgson
    Measurement Seminar in Santa Barbara - Announcement Honikman
    Timing Method Sought Phillips
    Certified Courses by Certifier and Year Riegel
    Certified Courses by Distance and year Riegel
    Certified Courses by State and Year Riegel
    Cover Pictures Sought Riegel
    Measurement by Pacing - Summary Riegel
    Mistakes on Race Day - Editorial Riegel
    Why Certifiers Get Gray Hair Riegel
    Illinois Report Wight
1995 70 Course Cutting/Maxims of the Nail Delasalle
    International Assoc. of Course Measurers Delasalle
    Poland Activity Report Dziekonski
    Double Loop, Out & Back Courses Gassmann
    Uphill Finishes Jaggers
    Cover - Otto Klappert/Ted Paulin Kalppert/Paulin
    Measure Up McBrayer
    Constant Volume Model of Bicycle Wheel Riegel
    Output of US Measurers Riegel
    San Fernando & Manaus 10k Races Riegel
    Map of the Month - Human Race 5K Thurston Bob
    Public Map Resources Woods
    Santa Barbara Seminar Invitation  
1995 71 World Cup Marathon Measurement Bendy
    Helen Klein 100km Validation Brannen
    How We've Measured Up Cordes
    English/French/Spanish Measurement Terms Delasalle
    Cover - Disneyland Marathon Disneyland
    Recognition of Measurers Letson
    Cal course landmarks, endpoints McBrayer
    New Category of Measurer? McBrayer
    Certified Courses by Certifier and Year Riegel
    Certified Courses by Distance and Year Riegel
    Certified Courses by State and Year Riegel
    Fees Riegel
    International Registry of Courses Riegel
    London, Luxembourg, France Riegel
    Revco-Cleveland Marathon Puzzle Riegel
    Road Race Trends Riegel
    Certifier Shot Rosenthal
    Women's Olympic Trials Marathon Measurement Leader Sought S. Nicoll
    Disneyland Marathon Scardera
    Output of Measurers Discrepancies W. Nicoll
    Alcohol and Running  
    Santa Barbara Seminar Schedule  
1995 72 5k Metric Pace Chart Baumel
    Metrication Baumel
    Early History of Measurement Disley
    Suggested Changes to Measurement Procedure Harrison
    My First Course Measurement Jones Alan
    Gimme Shelter Validation Report Knight
    Cover - Manaus Seminar Manaus
    Practice Makes Perfect Riegel
    5k Metric Pace Chart Wight
    Map of the Month - Lake Bluff Centennial Run Wight
    Metric Pacing Wight
    Last Minute Course Changes Young
1995 73 Metric Pace Chart Conway
    Effets des variations du poids sur la biciclette Delasalle
    IAAF World Championships Marathon Map Disley
    Marathon Blunder - miscounted laps Disley
    Road Course Measurers certification query Fields
    Metric Splits Franke
    Suggested changes to Course Measurement Procedures Jones Alan
    Suggested changes to Course Measurement Procedures Nicoll
    Jones/Oerth Counters Oerth
    Olympic Marathon Measurers Sought Riegel
    Santa Barbara Seminar Riegel
    Variation of Group Measurements Riegel
    Internet addresses sought Riegel
    Mountain Goat 3000 Riegel
    Course Measurement and Certification Riegel
    Measuring a Race Course with a Bicycle Riegel
    Triangle Puzzle Smith
    Map of the Month - Rock Creek Park 15k Thurston Bob
    Suggested changes to Course Measurement Procedures Woods
    Cover - Paris Relay 1922  
1995 74 RRTC on the WWW Baumel
    Trail Ultras Measurement Bell
    Map of the Month - Terry Fox 5 Miler Belleville
    French Measurement Seminar Delasalle
    Group Measurements Letson
    Metric Splits McDaniel
    Tulsa Run Metric Pacing McDaniel
    Ultrameasurers Milroy
    Can We Do Better Riegel
    Olympic Marathon Measurement Status Report Riegel
    Organization of International Course Measurement Riegel
    Bloomsday Marks Invalidated Stewart
    Bloomsday Errors Wickiser
    Cover - Olympic Marathon Course Profile  
1996 75 Cover - Olympic Marathon Course Tour/Convention Atlanta
    USATF Convention Minutes Baumel
    Uniform Standard of Data Presentation Disley
    Map of the Month - Pines to Palms Marathon Letson
    Men's Olympic Trials Marathon Validation McBrayer
    Women's Olympic Trials Marathon Validation Morss
    Bloomsday Revisited Renner
    Street Atlas USA Riegel
    Sensitivity of Solid Tyres to Road Surfaces Sandford
    AIMS Validation Standards Stewart
1996 76 Map Mate Review Hodgson
    Dimensional Accuracy of 400m Track IAAF
    Items for Sale Oerth
    Map of the Month - HealthPoweer 5k Riegel
    Olympic Marathon Measurement Entries Closed Riegel
    Measure For Measure Saines
    Cateye Altimeter Specs Wickiser
    South Africa Measurement Williamson
    Cover - Women's Olympic Trials Meas. Team  
1996 77 Races Don't Measure Up Athletics Weekly
    Map of the Month - St. Patrick's Day Classic Guido Bros.
    SPR Does Make A Difference Hronjak
    Improved Atlanta Course Profile Jones Hugh
    Pass the Word Reik
    The Marsh Wall Puzzle Riegel
    Cover - London Marathon Measurers by Marsh Wall Blast Site  
1996 78 Las Vegas Half Short? Callanan
    Wroclaw Marathon measurement Dziekonski
    Historical Measurement Heyworth
    Map of the Month - Run for the Arts McBrayer
    Lake Waramaug Measurement Reik
    Measurement of 1996 Olympic Marathon Riegel
    Contribution of Wobbles to Measurement Error Sandford
    Deteriorated Cal Courses Simpson
    Cover - Olympic Marathon Measurement Team  
    Marsh Wall Puzzle Answers  
1996 79 Map of the Month #2 - Steamtown Marathon Belleville
    Norm Patenaude death Conway
    Map of the Month -Olympic Calibration Course Delasalle
    Abuse of Position by Certifiers Nelson
    Abuse of Position by Certifiers Nicoll
    Abuse of Position by Certifiers Reik
    Observation of Olympic Marathons and Walks Riegel
    Errata in Olympic Marathon Measurement Report Riegel
    Tight vs Loose Riding Riegel
    Abuse of Position by Certifiers Riegel
    Temperature Correction of Group Rides Sandford
    Validation Report - Freihofer's Run for Women 5k Wickiser
    Cover - David Katz  
1996 80 Abuse of Position by Certifiers Aviles
    Abuse of Position by Certifiers Conway
    World Record lost to misplaced cones Delasalle
    Cover of AIMC Newsletter - 1932 Olympic Marathon map Delasalle
    Soweto Marathon data Disley
    Measurement Fees Frey
    Intermediate split certification Hubbard
    AIMS Newsletter exerpts Jones Hugh
    Abuse of Position by Certifiers Jones Hugh
    Abuse of Position by Certifiers Loeffler
    Abuse of Position by Certifiers Millet
    Lake Waramaug Data Nicoll
    Apology for editorial mismanagement Riegel
    Validation report - Crazy Eights 8 km Riegel
    Comparison of Steel Tapes Riegel
    Western Hemisphere Measurement Records Riegel
    Drop and Separation don't apply in AIMS WR's Running Stats
    Creep & Temperature Coefficient of Pneumatic Tyres Sandford
    Greentyre Inf o Scarsi
    TV Vehicles Tatreau
    Calibration Courses & Steel Tapes Wickiser
    Carl Wisser resigns Wisser
    Tolerance Woods
    Cover - Taping at Freihovers  
1997 81 Late-Breaking News from RRTC Web Page Baumel
    South Africa Observations Disley
    Intermediate split certification Franke
    Brazilian Steel Tape Tested by Stanley Kennedy
    Cross-country suggestions Nicoll
    Cross-country suggestions Reik
    New Certificate Riegel
    Chip Timing Riegel
    Measurement of Tokyo & Shimantogawa Riegel
    Tire Temperature Riegel
    Greentyre Movement on Rim Riegel
    Alaska Observations Wilson
    Cover - Pete Riegel in Japan  
1997 82 Track distances in various lanes Brannen
    Map of the Month - Laura Griffin Memorial 5 km Brown
    Off-road measurements and data DeHaye
    Nerve-wracking ride Galloway
    Certification in New Zealand Galloway
    Tape Accuracy Gerweck
    Electronic Course Measurement Grass
    Measurement by Pacing in Himalayas Jones Hugh
    USATF Budget Cuts Riegel
    Profile of a Measurer - Mike Sandford Sandford
    Course list questions Wight
    Cover - Tadeusz Dziekonski at Europos Centras
1997 83 Measurement to Record Standard- Reliability of Performances Delasalle
    High Standards - Tightening Up the System Ferguson
    Solo Calibration Course Layout Gerweck
    Using a Computer to Create Course Maps Gerweck
    Measurement Seminar in France Jones Hugh
    Jones/Oerth Counter price increase Oerth
    High Standards - Tightening Up the System Riegel
    1996 Course statistics Riegel
    Types of Running Courses Riegel
    Examples of Zero offsets Riegel
    Variability Within a 4-ride Calibration Set Sandford
    High Standards - Tightening Up the System Wickiser
    Cover - Russell Pizzuto riding through a deep puddle  
1997 84 Trials and Tribulations Amaison
    History of the Marathon Distance Delasalle
    MN Forum launched Gerweck
    Steel/Fiberglass tapes Glauz
    Map of the Month - Franklin Park 1250 meters Kuo
    Cover - Theory and Reality at Bolder Boulder Riegel
    USATF Records are the Real US Records Riegel
    Downhill Marathon Courses Riegel
    The First 26 Miles 385 Yards Sandford
    Remeasurement of Welwyn Garden City 5 miles Sandford
    Measurement View Point Sandford
    SCPF, Drop and Separation History Young
    Cover - Theory and Reality at Bolder Boulder
1997 85 MNForum Status Report Gerweck
    Length of the Boston Marathon Heyworth
    Marathon History Heyworth
    RRCA participation in certification Kardong
    Duplicitous Data - what to do? Loeffler
    Democratic procedures and lack of same Reik
    Measurement of IAAF Road Relay - Manaus, Brazil Riegel
    Map of the Month - Run for the Library 10k Thurston Doug
    Race Directors Survey Tinsley
    Cover - Wietse Marco Jurgen Hoornweg van Rij in Manaus  
    IAAF Sponsors Measurement News  
    Short course due to miscounting on cal course layout  
1997 86 RRCA participation in certification Corbitt
    Map of the Month - 97 Rio Half Marathon Eichler
    Mongolia Measurement Galloway
    RRCA participation in certification Kardong
    History (1980) - Course Measuring Requirements Katz
    Put the course number on the map! Riegel
    Course Adjustments after Validation Riegel
    Measurement of Rio de Janeiro Half Marathon Riegel
    Rough Test of a New Counter Riegel
    Why 400 meter tracks? RRM
    Cover - Alan Jones and family at Smithsonian  
    IAAF/AIMS Notes  
1998 87 Solid Tire calibration question Hinde
    Solo Calibration course layout Hinde
    Bob Letson - an appreciation Riegel
    How Well do we Measure? Riegel
    Training New measurers Riegel
    Measuring in prison Riegel
    Evaluation of an Electronic Odomoeter Riegel
    Hard-won course profile Sandford
    Marine Corps Marathon - off-course fixing Thurston Bob
    Cover - Bob Letson and Ted Corbitt  
1998 88 Pertinent Trivia - Early History Corbitt
    Calibration/electronic odometer Damm
    1997 Paris 20 km update Delasalle
    5 Atypical incidents from '97 Hubbard
    Validation adjustments Hubbard
    Map of the Month - Cape Cod Times Marathon Nelson
    Experience of US Measurers Riegel
    Calibration course blunder - the wrong nail Riegel
    Tire size change Riegel
    Logos Vandersteen
    Cover - Dave Cundy in Atlanta  
    Tidbits from MN Forum  
1998 89 Running Against the Clock Bright
    Map of the Month - Charlottesville 10 Miler Brown
    Historical Perspective Corbitt
    Ancestor of the Jones Counter Delerue
    Puzzle - Rock 'n Roll Marathon Letson
    Suggestions for improving measurement and record-keeping Letson
    Mapmaking Methods Nelson
    Jones/Oerth Counter delivery delay Oerth
    A Narrow Escape - almost found short Riegel
    A course too long? Riegel
    Variation of Calibration Constant with Surface Texture - Part 1 Literature Survey Sandford
    Repeat measurements and Reports Sandford
    Measurement Viewpoint Sandford
    Measurement in Spain Tourino
    Cover - Queen Victoria's dog Dacko
    1997 Measurement Activity & Stats  
    Tidbits from MNForum  
1998 90 Map of the Month - Senior Olympics 10k Irish
    History Jewell
    Validation - Rock 'n Roll Marathon Letson
    Status of USATF Certified Courses Riegel
    Variation of Calibration Constant with Surface Texture, Part 2: Effects on Course Sandford
    Cover - Brazil's top three measurers - Monteiro, Silva, Eichler  
    Tidbits from MNForum  
    Rock 'n Roll Puzzle answers  
1998 91 Ted Corbitt: A True Running Pioneer Allison
    Olympic Marathon Measurement Cundy
    Disagreement between two rides Gerweck
    Obtaining Course Lists from the Internet Riegel
    Measurement of Central American & Caribbean Games - Maracaibo, Venezuela Riegel
    Measurer attacked, bike stolen RRM
    Variation of Calibration Constant with Surface Texture, Part 3: Modelling of the D Sandford
    Calibration Variation Thurston Bob
    Map of the aMonth - Canadian International Marathon Yaeger
    Cover - Marathon Measurers of Maracaibo  
    Tidbits from MNForum  
1998 92 Comments on "Ted Corbitt: A True Running Pioneer" Corbitt
    Measuring Methods Letson
    Bicycle measurement characteristics Luchner
    Map of the Month - Chehalem Valley 10k Lytle
    Counter Failures MNForum
    Jones/Oerth Counter sales by country and year Oerth
    SOSS vs Whole-course measurement Riegel
    Measuring in Prison Riegel
    Accurate Use of a measuring Wheel Riegel
    Old Course Inquiry Sessums
    It's Work for Courses to measure Up Thurston Bob
    Cover - Ray Thompson measuring in prison  
1999 93 RRTC Course Measurement book to go online Baumel
    Calibration Course Layout - 5 Nail Solo Method Grass
    Running Shorts with Scott Hubbard Hubbard
    Tibet Skymarathon Jones Hugh
    Comments on Bicycle measurement Characteristics Jones Hugh
    Technology Marchesd ON Kardong
    Certification maps posted to web Phegley
    Women and Women-Only Riegel
    GPS Accuracy Levels Web
    Cover - Hugh Jones measures Tibet Skymarathon  
    Tidbits from MNForum  
1999 94 Metric Courses in the USA Baumel
    Ljubljanski Maraton Measuremen Dziekonski
    Dubai Marathon '98 measured bu Paul Hodgson Hodgson
    Women-Only Fastest? Jones Hugh
    Various Ways to Make a Map Riegel
    Measuring with and without a line to follow Riegel
    Upcoming Measurement Seminar RRCA
    Upcoming Measurement Seminar Tighe
    Ric Wilson - Biathlon Wilson
    Map of the Month - Foothills 5k Woods
    Cover - Ric Wilson in biathlon  
    Tidbits from MNForum  
1999 95 Compaq Balmoral Road Races - Locations of Markers Coleby
    Olympic Marathon Measurement Cundy
    Jones/Oerth Counter Price Increase Oerth
    A Working Certification System Riegel
    Pi Does Not Lie Riegel
    Map of the Month - B-Urrry Scurry 10k Ungurean
    Cover - World Coal Carrying Championships  
    1998 Measurement Activity & Stats  
    Tidbits from MNForum  
1999 96 Course Measurement Book Now Online Baumel
    Jakarta measurement Seminar Cundy
    Riding 'round Rotterdam Hodgson
    A good map from a first-timer Mather
    RRCA Seminar Renner
    Expired now means Expired Riegel
    The Great Y2K Debate Riegel
    Vancouver Measurement Seminar results Riegel
    Chip Timing Puzzle Riegel
    Vancouver Measurement Seminar Riegel
    Course Certification in Canada Riegel
    Jones/Oerth Counter overspeed Riegel
    Variation of Calibration Constant with Surface Texture, Part 4: A Simple Experim Sandford
    SEAA Seminar Sandford
    Map of the Month - Crusoe Croc 10k Tillson
    Cover - Spectators at London Marathon  
    US Olympic Trials Prevalidation Measurements  
    Prolific Measurers  
    Certifier Abbreviations  
1999 97 Validation of Pan Am Games Marathon & Racewalk Conway
    Map of the Month - Royal Victoria Marathon Duranti
    Canadian Course Measurement Restructured Lacroix
    Records saved by measurer at Pan American games Lacroix
    Suggestions for improvement Letson
    Improvements in the Measurement Process Riegel
    World's Best 10k - San Juan, Puerto Rico Riegel
    A Comparison of Two Mapping Programs Riegel
    A Note from South Africa Williamson
    Cover - Bernie Conway and the Birthday Nail  
    IAAF/AIMS Measuring Fees  
1999 98 Map of the Month - Carrabba's Classic Half Marathon Dover
    Trio Takes Measure of Course Greeney
    Historical Listings of Certified Courses Heyworth
    Women's Olympic Marathon Trials Measurement McBrayer
    The Temperature Sensitivity of Pneumatic Tyres Sandford
    Race name Changes Scardera
    Someone to Count On Thurston Doug
    Men's Olympic Marathon Trials Measurement Wickiser
    Cover - Men's and Women's OM Trials Measuring Teams  
    Tidbits from MNForum  
2000 99 Tulsa Run Validation Baumel
    Map of the Month - Vigaranomaratona Damm
    RRTC Chairman Sought Riegel
    The Incredible Vanishing Bridge Riegel
    Hey, America! Enough Confusion! Tom
    Cover - Mike Sandford and Mike Tomlins  
    David Katz Finish Line Chair - will prepare pamphlet  
    Enhancements planned for Video & Online Manual  
    New Measurement Certificate  
    Felix Cichocki is Dying  
    Finn Hansen resigns - Smithee to replace him  
2000 100 Measuring in BC Adams
    RRTC Late-Breaking News Baumel
    Map of the Month - Felix's Last Course - Tucson Half Marathon Cichocki
    Handlebar Display DeHaye
    Mounting a Greentyre Disley
    How High is Mt. Everest? Firstbrook
    The measure of a Race Gerweck
    Time and Metre Jones Hugh
    Course Measurement in Canada Lacroix
    2001 Edmonton World Championships Riegel
    US Cities with 100 or more certified courses Riegel
    New Measurers Riegel
    Course Profiles - Plotting errors Riegel
    IAAF/AIMS Graded Measurers Riegel
    Pete Riegel Retires Wickiser
    Cover - Pete Riegel with course files  
2000 101 Map of the month - Chicago Lakefront 50k Betzold
    Learning How to Measure It Brink
    RRTC at the Women's Olympic Trials Marathon Gerweck
    Measuring Wheels at the South Pole Huntford
    Chips & Cheats - a thread from MNForum MNForum
    1999 Measurement Activity & Statistics Riegel
    The Thousand Mile Club Riegel
    RTC has new web address Wickiser
    Cover - Amundsen's sledgemeter at 81 degrees south  
    IAAF Criteria for measurers  
2000 102 Triathlon Course Measurement Scheme Cundy
    Stockholm Olympic Marathon Puzzle Heyworth
    Kentucky Speedway Cheetah Dash Hilker
    Planning & Resourcing a Measurement Assignment Hodgson
    Adjusting Splits - A String from MNForum MNForum
    Map of the Month - Bob McCourt 3 Mile Run Nelson
    Rating Course Difficulty - Is "Total Climb" Useful? Riegel
    Drop and Separation of US Courses Riegel
    Lost Certificates Wickiser
    Negative Drop Wickiser
    Cover - Moya the Cheetah chases Teddy Bear  
2000 103 Course Measurement Exercise in France Delasalle
    Turnaround Location Puzzle Delasalle
    Exerpt from the official Olympic Measurement Report Jones Hugh
    USGS Topographic Maps Online Riegel
    Stockholm Olympic Puzzle answers Riegel
    Temperature Correction Riegel
    Measurement of the Olympic Marathon Course, Montreal, 1976 Wallingford
    Olympic Measurements Wickiser
    Cover - Sydney Olympic Marathon measuring team  
2000 104 Commentary on 1976 Olympic Measurement Report Baumel
    Evolution of the Shortest Possible Route Concept Baumel
    Made to measure - Handlebar Display Lacroix
    Electronics for Course Measurement Luchner
    Measure Up - October 2000 McBrayer
    Map of the Month - Navy 10k Mierau
    Validation Results - 1989 to Present Riegel
    Using Reference Points in Course Measurement Riegel
    Motorcycle Speedway Puzzle Riegel
    Average/Larger Constant Wickiser
    Certifier Authority Wickiser
    News from South Africa Williamson
    Soweto Marathon Measurement data Williamson
    Cover - Soweto Marathon measurers  
    Turnaround Location Puzzle - Answers  
2001 105 New Electronic Certificate Templates Baumel
    International Measurements Hubbard
    Thanks from Pete & Joan Riegel
    Map of the Month - PVI Runfest 5k Thurston Bob
    Renewals, fees, farewell to Pete Riegel Wickiser
    Cover - Don Shepan, New Mexico Certifier  
    Motorcycle Speedway Puzzle - Answers  
    New Measurement Certificate  
2001 106 Handlebar Organizer from JFD Delasalle
    An Appreciation of Emil Zatopek Disley
    One Measurer's Story Gerweck
    Interview with John Jewell Milroy
    Surveyors' Supplies Riegel
    Small loop X-Country layout Riegel
    New Finish Line Provisions RRM
    Supplement to "Timetrial" 1962 RTTC
    John Jewell - the developer of modern course measurement in England Sandford
    Map of the Month - 2001 Spirit Run 10 km Scardera
    Web Site brings world together - on the map Stoughton
    Renewals, replacements, expirations Wickiser
    Course Measurement: Looking Back at 2000 Wight
    Cover - John Jewell  
2001 107 Measurement of the 2002 Antarctica Marathon Chalufour
    History of Measuring and Certification in Canada (1984) Craig
    History of Measuring and Certification in Canada (1984) Duguay
    Map of the Month - Patoka Lake Marathon Johnson
    Cable-Mounted Counter Quest Continues Lacroix
    History of Measuring and Certification in Canada (1984) Lacroix
    History of Measuring and Certification in Canada (1984) Patenaude
    Year 2000 Measurement Activity and Statistics Riegel
    What to do with an "extra" Calibration? Riegel
    John Jewell - the developer of modern course measurement in England Sandford
    Hot Problem Puzzle Smith
    Sri Chinmoy Multidays: Corbitt Astounds, Others Excel Szczesiul
    Traffic Accident - lessons learned Wickiser
    Cover - Measuring Antarctica Marathon on shipboard  
2001 108 Topping Off Validations Hubbard
    IAAF World Half Marathon Championships - Bristol Jones Hugh
    Course Measurement Kaiser
    Jones/Oerth Counter Update Oerth
    Clothes Make the Man Poppers
    Edmonton 2002 World Championships Measurement Riegel
    measurement Seminar at the RRCA Convention Riegel
    Map of the Month - Tybee Marathon 2001 Stratton
    Reprints of "Course measurement Procedures" Wickiser
    Guayaquil Half Marathon - Guayaquil, Ecuador Zapata
    Cover - Edmonton 2001 World Champs measuring team  
    The Hat Problem - Puzzle answers  
2001 109 8th World Games - Edmonton Conway
    Cable-Driven Counters Perform Well in Edmonton Lacroix
    Metric Splits McDaniel
    Map of the Month - MN 01008 RR Recker
    Measurement news on Compact Disk Riegel
    Handicapping the 5k Riegel
    Running: Some Courses donít measure up Thurston Doug
    Riding on the Runways Tillson
    Chairman's Clatter - Course listing procedures Wickiser
    Renewal Policies and Procedures Wickiser
    Cover - Wietse van Rij measuring in Manaus, Brazil  
2001 110 Sydney Marathon Measurement Mixup Galloway
    Age Handicapping Gerweck
    Measurement Question Glaze
    Handicapping the 5K in the Real World Lacroix
    Measurement of Costa Rica International Marathon Loeffler
    Counter Improvement Oerth
    Map of the Month - TN 01022 RH Presley
    Certificate Numbering Reik
    Tape Comparison Raw Data and preliminary calculations Riegel
    A Measurement Seminar in Brazil Riegel
    Measurement Question Thurston Doug
    Chairman's Clatter - Convention agenda and tape comparison Wickiser
    Response to Certificate Numbering Wickiser
    Cover - Brazil Measurement seminar group  
    RRTC Officers 1982-2001  
2002 111 2001 USATF/RRTC Convention Minutes Baumel
    Tips on Data Entry Baumel
    Taping a Track Baumel
    A Salute to John Christopher Jewell Corbitt
    A Tale of a few Marathons Peacock
    The Great Steel Tape Comparison Riegel
    Percent error recorded in RRTC pacing contests Riegel
    Map of the Month - Marine Corps Marathon - DC 01034 RT Thurston Bob
    Chairman's clatter Wickiser
    The Great Steel Tape Comparison Wickiser
    Cover - Measuring devices  
    Annual Reports  
    Measuring is now high-tech  
2002 112 Japan Journal Cundy
    IAAF Insurance IAAF
    Map of the Month - LA Marathon - CA 01075 RS Scardera
    Chairman's Clatter Wickiser
    USATF Insurance Wickiser
    Course Measurement - Celebrating 2001's Success Wight
    Cover - Dave Cundy measuring in Cambodia  
2002 113 Lamontagne
    Map of the Month - AL02001JD - Red Cross Town 5 Miler Mattics
    More than two measurements MNForum
    Year 2001 Measurement Activity Statistics Riegel
    Measuring Wind During the Race Riegel
    Chairman's Clatter - Course maps online Wickiser
    Cover - Mine Safety Lamp
2002 114 Short Track Ferguson
    Puzzle of the Month Glauz
    Cable-Driven Counters available for purchase e Lacroix
    Texas Leads Certified Check McBrayer
    Experimental Results in Wind Measurement Riegel
    Measurement News Subscriptions Riegel
    Map of the Month - SD 02027 PR - 3M to Bike Path 10k Stockholm
    Wind measurement commentary Various
    Chairman's Clatter - prompt turn-around time by certifiers Wickiser
    Note from South Africa Williamson
    Cover - Riegel performing wind measurement Riegel
2002 115 Cover - Business Trust 1000 Mile Record Challenge Williamson
    Chairman's Clatter - new certifiers, maps on web, seminar, editor sought Wickiser
    Editor resigns, new editor sought, thanks to those who helped Riegel
    Responses to wind article Gerweck
    Responses to wind article Hubbard
    Responses to wind article Riegel
    Use of GPS Watch in Measurement of Distance Williamson
    GPS Measurements Gerweck
    Puzzle of the Month Solution Reik
    Certifier Abbreviations Riegel
    Map of the Month - OH 90030 PR Riegel
2002 116 Cover - Scottsdale Measurement Seminar  
    Clatter - Jim Gerweck new MN Editor Wickiser
    Call for papers - technical archive - report index Riegel
    Introduction to new Editor Gerweck
    Scottsdale Measurement Seminar Riegel, Wickiser
    From MNForum - Stair measurement, rough & smooth surfaces, fixed time events, GPS  
    Measurement of the month - Robin Hood Marathon and Half Marathon Jones Hugh
2003 117 Cover - Augrabies Extreme Marathon  
    Clatter - Olympic Trials pre validation, maps on the web Wickiser
    From MNForum - Poles, curb lines, setting out timing mats, race walking certification, computer drawn course maps, non-certification measurements, historical material available  
    Minutes of RRTC annual meeting, Kansas City Baumel
    Measurement by pacing contest Riegel
    Measurement of the month - Augrabies Extreme Marathon Williamson
2003 118 Cover - World's Best 10k  
    Clatter - Olympic Trials pre validations Wickiser
    Measurement of the Month - World's Best 10k Riegel
    Age Grading Running Races Jones Alan
    From MNForum - Historical question, Roman strides, '84 Women's OT Marathon, winter measurement, bent rules, world best 30k  
    From The Mapmakers Wilford
    Men's Olympic Trials Course Measurement Loeffler
2003 119 Cover - Flora 1000 Mile Challenge  
    Clatter - Course map digitizing Wickiser
    Editor's Note - London Marathon Gerweck
    Year 2002 measurement statistics Riegel
    The 1000 Mile Challenge Jones Hugh
    Women's Olympic Trials Course Measurement Morss
    Another Look at Separation Riegel
    Measurement of the Month - Minute Man 5k Gerweck
    From MNForum - Transponder timing, SmartBib, two-chip timing  
    Bernie Conway appointed IAAF Administrator for Americas Conway
    Where do you ride when measuring this corner? Riegel
2003 120 Cover - Yard scale at Greenwich Observatory  
    Clatter - MN publishing delay, online course maps, Labor Day RRTC meeting Wickiser
    Grenada measurement seminar Riegel
    Measurement of the Month - Weston Memorial Day 5k Gerweck
    A Skipping Counter Riegel
    From MNForum - placing of chip mats, electronic cyclocomputers, star wheel counter, non-reversible counters, resettable counters, expiring certificates  
2003 121 Cover - Men's Olympic Trials Measurement team - Birmingham, Alabama  
    Clatter - 20 year certifiers, Men's Olympic Trials validation, RRTC Labor Day meeting, maps on line Wickiser
    Annual Meeting Minutes Baumel
    Measurement by pacing contest Riegel
    Measurement of Men's Olympic Trials Marathon Course Riegel
    Measurement of the month - Falmouth Road race Gerweck
    From MNForum - Map measuring software, PDA's in course measurement, Shared course request, Equipment security, Who owns the course?, A New Voice for International Road Racing, Course basics, Running with/against traffic, 7 marathons - 7 continents - 7 days, doubled 5k, overlapping 5k and 10k courses  
2003 122 Cover - Police car parked on the calibration course  
    Clatter - Women's Olympic Trials Marathon, USATF convention & RRTC meeting, Dueling marathons in Akron Wickiser
    From the archives - parallel calibration courses Riegel
    From the archives - parallel calibration courses - alternate method Baumel
    Measurement of the Month - Akron Road Runner Marathon Wickiser
    A measurer's Tale  
    Certifier Makes Sure Road Races are the Right Length - Article about Mike Wickiser Storm
    SPR vs "Measure Where the Runners Will Run" Riegel
    From MNForum - A duct tape story, Berlin Marathon, Great North Run, Radcliffe 5 km Record, Is 1 m/km fair?, GPS measurements, Professional surveying of courses  
    Photos from the archives - Jakarta measurement seminar, 1989 Riegel
2004 123 Cover - Women's Olympic Trials Measurement - St Louis, MO  
    Clatter - Women's Olympic Trials Marathon, USATF convention & RRTC meeting, Just when is a course certified? Wickiser
    Minutes of RRTC annual meeting, Greensboro, NC Baumel
    Volunteers Brave the Cold (Women's OT measurement story) Wickham
    Origins of the 1000 foot (300 m) Calibration Course Riegel
    By the Book Jones Hugh
    Tracking you down from Space Williamson
    From MNForum - Out and (almost) back, How far did I run?, Short course prevention factor, Obstacles, Professional surveying of courses  
    Early Theoretical Research With Possible Adaptations to Race Timing Franklin
2004 124 Cover - Gerweck and Melanson at Men's Olympic Trials Marathon  
    Clatter - Women's Olympic Trials, New Certifier, Active certifiers, Annual RRTC meeting in Connecticut Wickiser
    A Measurement Puzzler Riegel
    Validation of Women's Olympic Trials Marathon - St Louis McLatchie
    History of Women in Measurement of Olympic Marathon Trials Mclatchie, Nicoll Sally
    Measurement of the Month - Mercedes Marathon & Half Marathon Melanson
2004 125 Cover - 2004 Flora London Marathon Measurers  
    Clatter - Annual RRTC meeting, Online certified course listing, replacement certificates Wickiser
    Year 2003 course measurement statistics Riegel
    Marathon Route Crawls to its Finish - from Kevin Lucas Hope
    Unnecessary Conversion to Standard Measurement Units in Course Measurement Wood
    For the record, accurate course distances important MacInnis
    Measurement of Flora London Marathon and Flora Light Women's Challenge Riegel
    Running Shorts - Races and Rankings Online Gerweck
    Measurement of the Month - Calgary Marathon LaMontagne
2004 126 Cover - Historical milepost in Ohio  
    Clatter - New certifier, Annual RRTC meeting, free bike computer Wickiser
    Measurement Seminar, University of Victoria, BC, Canada Adams
    Moscow (RUS) measurement seminar Disley
    Field Check of an Electronic Revolution Counter Riegel
2004 127 Cover - Annual Meeting attendees - Stamford, CT  
    Clatter - Newman now Western RRTC VC, Annual meeting Wickiser
    Some Musings on Electronic Counters Riegel
    RRTC Annual Meeting minutes Baumel
    Measurement by pacing contest Riegel
    Five Year Test of a Pneumatic Tire Riegel
2004 128 Cover - Finish of NYC Marathon
    Clatter - McLatchie to chair RRTC session at USATF Annual Meeting, New Measurement Bulletin Board, Material needed for mMeasurement News, Bernie Conway is ill Gerweck
    Planning Underway for World Championships Marathon Course Jones Hugh
    Some Characteristics of a Jones/Oerth Counter Riegel
    Measurement of the Month - Marine Corps Marathon Thurston Bob
    From the Measurement BB - Referencing splits, course maps, locating splits in the dark, out-back measurement shortcut, map before you measure, measuring dirt roads, steel tape measuring, are the splits part of the job?, measurement fees, cyclocomputer measurement, the AMB timing system  
2005 129 Cover - Athens Olympic Marathon Course Measurers  
    Clatter - January Measurement News? What Happened?, Retirements and changes, Bernie Conway's health improving Wickiser
    Olympic Marathon Measured Jones Hugh
    Measurement Tip - Digital Split Points Riegel
    London Marathon Course Changes Jones Hugh
    Measurement of the Month - The Don Scott Trot - a 5k on the Runway Riegel
2005 130 Cover - Two Counters - Jones & Electronic  
    Clatter - broken scanner - annual meeting - restructuring RRTC Wickiser
    Proposed amendment Lucas
    Lakeshore Marathon a Mile Too Long Deardorff
    Cyclocomputers as Revolution Counters Wood
2006 131 Cover - Freihofer's, Puerto Rico Seminar  
    Editor's note - Introducing Kevin Lucas Lucas
    Chairman's Comments - Intro to Gene Newman, certifier changes Newman
    Eastern Vice Chair Report Hronjak
    RRTC News Baumel
    Designing a 5 km Race Walk Course Westerfield
    History of a Road Course - Freihofer's Run for Women Skinner
    Meet the New Certifiers and Course Registrar Lucas
    IAAF Measurement Seminar - San Juan, Puerto Rico Riegel, P
    USATF/RRTC and AIMS/IAAF Connection Conway
    US Track Delegation Tours Akron Courses Schleis
    The Complete Racer Hubbard
    Tire Pressure used in Course Measurement Wood
    New Courses Jan - Feb 2006 Riegel Stu
2006 132 Cover - Glen Lafarlette  
    Recent Developments in Tire Pressure Monitoring Wood
    Meet the Regional Certifiers Lucas
    Glen Lafarlette Sets Standard for Race Course Measurement Nierling
    Report on RRCA Certification Seminar McBrayer
    Defining Certified Points to Facilitate Validation Wood
    Paul Oerth Builds Cable-Driven Counters Lacroix
    AIMS/IAAF Measurers Conway
    Running Shorts Hubbard
    New Courses from 1 January Riegel Stu
2006 133